Please post packages to the PREMISE ADDRESS listed on our FFL. Include Insurance and signature required.

Buyers: please contact the seller and determine if they possess an FFL.
If the seller does not have an FFL, we recommend using an FFL in the sellers area for transferring the firearm to us.
We highly recommend that you use an Escrow service when purchasing from a non-FFL.
Please contact us by Email or phone (emails are preferred, see contact page) for any questions, to obtain a file copy of our FFL, notify us of a pending transfer, have a file copy emailed or snail mailed to you or the seller.
(fax fee of $1.00/page will be added to transfer fee, $2.00 minimum).
Please stop by and inspect your firearm as soon as possible after notification of receiving your transfer. If you decide that it is not what you ordered or is not in the condition represented by the seller and wish to return it, we need to know as soon as possible.

Sellers: please provide us with an indication as to whom the firearm is from and to whom it was sold/transferred to.
If the seller does not have an FFL:
You must provide us a copy of your current/valid driver’s license with the firearm.
You must indicate to whom the firearm is being transferred to (complete contact information). This can be done by writing the buyer’s name and contact info on the copy of your driver’s license. please include a phone number.
If the seller has an FFL:
Please provide a file copy of your FFL with the firearm.
We must know to whom the firearm is being transferred to. This can be done by writing the buyer’s name and contact info on the copy of your FFL.

File copies of FFL’s provided for transfers are not transferrable to other individuals or Dealers.

If we receive a firearm for transfer and you are unable to obtain the firearms for any reason, including but not limited to; being denied by BATF or by self admission on ATF Form 4473, you are responsible for return shipping fees and charges that apply for shipping the firearm back to the seller of record. If no such arrangements are made within 30 days of Ryan judy sporting goods receiving the firearm, the firearm will become the property of Ryan judy sporting goods at no charge.


If we receive a firearm with NO or insufficient transfer information (as noted above), we will charge an additional $15.00 per firearm being transferred.

Ryan judy sporting goods reserves the right to refuse delivery, return or hold any firearm that does not have the complete information required for transferring/data entry for ATF Acquisition & Disposal Log.
Ryan judy sporting goods shall retain for its possession (at no charge), any firearm that has been received with no or insufficient transfer information, and/or has NOT been picked up by the buyer within 30 days of date of transfer (unless previous arrangements have been made).
If you have any questions regarding the transfer rules and regs please call me at 5032608832 or email at